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Had a great 3-week trip to Greenland (with Josh Holko and Daniel Bergmann) and Iceland (with my nieces Ruthie & Zoe) September 2019.

In eastern Greenland, did a week-long trip on the ketch Donna Wood through Scoresby Sound, which is the largest fjord system in the world, and spectacularly beautiful. It doesn't become navigable until mid-July, as shown in these satellite images.

We flew into Constable Point (Nerlerit Inaat Airport), boarded the ship, and sailed the Hurry Fjord to the Inuit village of Ittoqqortoormiit.

We then sailed across the open Sound to the Bear (Bjorne) Islands near the eastern end of Øfjord, and then traversed the Øfjord, Snesund, Rødefjord and Fønfjord fjords around Milne Land. Thereafter we cruised through Vikingebugt Inlet, finally returning to Ittoqqortoormiit village, and then Constable Point.
Greater Scoresby Sound AreaScoresby Sound Cruise MapBear Islands & Milne Land, Scoresby Sound