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My favorite time to visit Gettysburg is in the spring - a time of renewal.

Gettysburg starts turning spring green about 2 weeks ahead of where I live in Upstate NY, which is another nice reason to visit then.

Some of these images were made early on Easter morning, while 3 of my nephews slept the morning away in our hotel room. The light was absolutely beautiful that morning, and I met only two other people on the battlefield. It pays to rise early for good shooting!
Virginia Lines, GettysburgVirginia Lines, GettysburgPicket Path, GettysburgLittle Round Top, framed by spear-shaped fence postsVirginia Memorial at Sunrise, GettysburgVirginia Memorial at Sunrise, GettysburgPhilip Synder Farm, GettysburgPhilip Synder Farm, GettysburgPeaceful NowJohn Slyder Farm, GettysburgLittle Round Top, John Slyder Farm in foregroundPicket Fence, GettysburgMonument to the Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry RegimentMonument to the Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry RegimentLittle Round Top, looking toward Devil's Den