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October 2020: I've posted images that I finally got around to developing from previous trips to Iceland, Maine, the Adirondacks, and the North Country.

Also added few images showing the "death" of the large foreground tree in the Fabius Farm Seasons series.

Am working on images from the Catskills from hikes the last few weeks too, but haven't finished yet.
Hofdi House, Reykjavík, 2019-09-02Zoe & Ruthie, 2019-09-12Ruthie & Zoe, 2019-09-12South-Central Coast Ring Road, 2019-09-13Near Gljufrafoss, 2019-09-13Near Gljufrafoss, 2019-09-13Gljufrafoss, 2019-09-13Ruthie @ Gljufrafoss, 2019-09-13Interior Road F261, 2019-09-13Interior Road F261, 2019-09-13 (Hyper-Processed Abstract)Interior Road F261, 2019-09-13Interior Road F261, 2019-09-13Reynisfjara Beach, 2020-09-14Ruthie & Zoe, Reynisfjara Beach, 2020-09-14Dyrhólaey, 2019-09-14Dyrhólaey, 2019-09-14Skaftafell Glacier Hike, 2019-09-14Skaftafell Glacier Hike, 2019-09-14Diamond Beach, 2019-09-15Jökulsárlón Glacier Lake & Vatnajökull NP, 2019-09-15