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The Adirondacks have 46 peaks over 4000 ft. Climbing them all, and registering with the ADK 46er Organization, makes you a "46er".

The Marshall Brothers, famous in the Wilderness Movement, and Herb Clark (their mentor) were the original three 46ers in 1918.

The ADK 46er Organization was started in the 1920's and maintains an ADK Member Roster in which I am #3031, after climbing all the peaks with my brother-in-law and friend David Bender.

My Dad started taking us to the Adirondacks when I was a small boy, which is how I developed a love for the region.

Unfortunately, my serious photography days came after my 46er climbing days, so I lack good quality images from that period.

But, happily, recent trips have afforded some opportunity for photography. I hope you enjoy these images.