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It is almost always a good idea to be patient and work a subject from a variety of perspectives (here I use the term "perspective" to simply mean "alternate view").

Different perspectives can yield a completely different sense for the subject-in-context, some of which are far more appealing to the viewer than others.

The different perspective can be: close vs. far, different angles, different time-of-day with associated different light, different time of year, different objects in relation to the subject, portrait vs. landscape, and many others.

This collection shows several dozen subjects from 2-3 different perspectives. Perhaps stepping through these will give you some ideas for different perspectives in your own photographs.

My Fabius Farm Seasons collection is also a good example of exploring a subject in different seasons, moods and light.
Maple Grove Farm, Ava, NYMaple Grove Farm, Ava, NYWinter Tree (stylized)Winter Tree (stylized)Iron Monster, OdgensburgInternational Bridge, OdgensburgTrinity GlenTrinity GlenNeighbor's BarnNeighbor's BarnWinter LightNorway Spruce Grove, Tioughnioga ForestRuthie's Old PlaceRuthie's Old PlaceRuthie is Long GoneMourning Doves in WinterMourning Doves in WinterSanta's Face IISanta's FaceMoose River Recreation Area