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A couple of years ago I did a photographic study of a farm scene in different seasons and lighting called, Fabius Farm Seasons.

It is amazing how the landscape can change its proverbial garments several times a day, throughout the seasons.

This series starts with an image taken in September, when the sun rises directly in-between the two trees, and proceeds chronologically through the seasons over a 2 year period.

The "lake" seen in some of these images is a temporary spring pond that results from snow-melt.

Spring is a time of dramatic change over a short period, so there are more images from that period.

I don't expect any of these images to show up on the cover of National Geographic any time soon. But I certainly had fun visiting this site in the different seasons and light, and making these images.

Guestbook for Fabius Farm Seasons
Leslie Gonya(non-registered)
Jerry, these photos are absolutely stunning! Thank you for telling me about your site.
Happy "change of seasons" to you and your camera :-)