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You can "create" a sense of motion by photographing a moving object with a slow shutter speed (long exposure time).

This will create a "veil" (waterfall) or a "trail" (automobile lights) that imply motion.

For waterfalls, the exact shutter speed will depend on the speed of the waterfall and how you want the "veil" to look. I usually start at about 1/15 sec, and move up-or-down in speed as needed. If you are new to photography, 1/15 sec might sound fast, but its actually quite a slow shutter-speed.

For "trails" the shutter speed is generally much slower, and it usually takes a little experimentation to get exactly what you want. The Hard Rock shot in this collection has a 2 sec exposure (quite long), while the church shot with the automobile trail in the background has a 0.8 sec exposure.