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I use the term perspective herein to mean "unusual or uncommon perspective" or "exaggerated perspective" or "I might not have seen that unless you called it out in that way in the photograph" perspective, rather than meaning simply "alternate view".

So, for example, several of the photographs in this collection were made with a "fisheye" lens which creates an exaggerated perspective of the scene.

For example, the fisheye perspective of George Eastman's Great Room emphasizes and exaggerates the geometry of the room, making it appear almost like the lat/ long lines on a globe

Lake Lugano, at first glance, appears to be a vanilla landscape shot. However, the stone path in the foreground is actually straight in the real scene. A fisheye lens was used to create an exaggerated perspective wherein the stone path appears to wrap around the scene.

The perspective of Canterbury Cathedral emphasizes the size and grandeur of the cathedral.

A Time to Enter and a Time to Leave vs.A Time to Wait both offer, I hope you would agree, different perspectives that might not be obvious to a casual visitor to that scene.
A Time to Enter, and a Time to LeaveAnd a Time to WaitHorton Hears George EastmanSandstone Church, Potsdam NY