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Minimalism is one of those terms that will be interpreted-and-used differently by different people.

I use the term in the sense that elements of the photograph are simplified (abstracted) in one or more ways.

So, for example, simplifying the photograph to just a few elements in the frame, as in "Storm on the Way" in this collection, is one form of minimalism. IMHO often the most beautiful things are the most simple things.

The photograph "HayLight" in this collection is certainly not a simple subject. However, the color scheme is highly simplified, and so exhibits a form of "color minimalism".

The photograph "Baby Blues" exhibits yet another form of minimalism by removing all the detail about the child except the eyes.

Winter, perhaps the most beautiful season, is a minimalist season in the sense that white snow covers, and thus simplifies, the natural landscape.
Baby Beau Blues