53 photos, 11 videos
This gallery has Adventure images (mostly iPhone snapshots) from a 2-week trip to Svalbard (a small group of islands in the Norwegian High Arctic) in early April of 2022.

I spent 9 days on a fantastic ship-trip on MS Freya, run by Josh Holko and supported by Oscar Westman of Vega Expeditions and Yves Adams.

We visited Svalbard's spectacular Arctic Fjords and the Pack Ice up to 80.5° North (looking for bears), pushing as far as 10 nautical miles north of the Svalbard coast and only 600 miles from the North pole.

Before and after the ship-trip I did a couple of land-based Svalbard Adventures including:
- Dog Sledging and Visiting an Ice Caves
- "Scooter" (Snowmobile) Trip to the Russian Village of Barentsburg