Jesse Holmes(non-registered)
Awesome !!!
Anil Sud(non-registered)
Nice work, Jerry.

Particularly enjoyed your visual exploration of the local environment; something that so many photographers afflicted with travel'itis tend to overlook (that includes myself)!

Great spending time with you on the Donna Wood during the Greenland 2019 tour.
Earl Fox(non-registered)
Great pictures of nature and all its beauty. Have you looked at any Ansel Adams work
Rachel Angrignon(non-registered)
Wonderful pics Jerry! Hopefully we can get out and take some together!!
Jim Velasquez(non-registered)
Wow. Awesome, as ever!
Jeff Pankow(non-registered)
Jerry, Wow - not only are you one of the smartest guys I know, you are also one of the most talented. Great work!!
David Austin(non-registered)
great examples of God's creation.. thanks
Michael Kimball(non-registered)
An absolute feast of natural beauty!
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