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These 8 Exhibit Signature Metal Prints are at the center of my May 2021 Exhibit at Cazenovia Artisans (Artisans). Metal is a relatively new medium for prints, and produces highly attractive images that have a glow one has to see in-person to appreciate.

Four (4) Signature Greenland Metal Prints have been chosen to highlight the spectacular ice-forms and landscapes of Greenland.

Four (4) Signature Iceland Metal Prints have been chosen to highlight the Volcanic Interior Highlands, Volcanic Sea Coast, the Fjords, and the iconic Icelandic Horses.

Each of these prints is 15x30 inches in size, and has a hanging kit. So they are ready for you to hang, and available at Artisans in May.

If you want other sizes, or any other images of Greenland or Iceland or from the rest of my site, feel free to contact me.

I love glass work - especially because it often looks like ice! So I've chosen to exhibit my Greenland Metal Prints along side the beautiful glass work of my fellow artisan, Shauna Walsh Watkins. Come and see the display!
Bear Islands, Scoresby Sound, 2019-09-06Scoresby Sound near Bear Islands, 2019-09-05Bear Islands, Scoresby Sound, 2019-09-05Scoresby Sound,  near Ittoqqortoormiit, 2019-09-04Icelandic Horses near Hvalfjordur, 2019-09-03Interior Road F35, 2019-09-12Dyrhólaey, 2019-09-14East Fjords, 2019-09-16