101 photos
This collection of my Top 100 Images has been selected by terrific local artist Daniel Tennant.

I want to give a big "thank you" to Dan for being willing to loan me his eyes and his time to select this collection.
Beaver River (Stillwater Reservoir Outflow), AdirondacksGeorgetown BarnHolmes Farm - 6/26/2015Holmes Farm - 6/26/2015Holmes Farm - 6/26/2015Holmes Farm, 5/3/2017Holmes Farm, 5/3/2017Dot Dot Dash, 5/7/2006Neighbor's Barn, 5/3/2017Neighbor's BarnNeighbor's Barn, 10/10/2015New Woodstock HillsNew Woodstock HillsFabius Farm Morning - 9/18/2014Fabius Farm Morning - 11/8/2014Fabius Farm Morning - 4/3/2015Fabius Farm Morning - 4/25/2015Fabius Farm Morning - 9/12/2015Fabius Farm Morning - 9/12/2015Fabius Farm Morning, 03/13/2016