Digital Photography Class, March 2014

February 01, 2014  •  4 Comments

Jerry will teach an introductory Digital Photography Class  at the New Woodstock Free Library on Saturdays in March, from 9am–12noon, with a 15 minute break.  The class is free and open to the public.  Pre-registration is not required.  The library is located at 2106 Main Street (Route 13) in New Woodstock, NY. 

Each class stands on its own, so you are free to attend only the classes that interest you (i.e., these are really five separate 1-session classes):

  1. March 1 – How Your Camera Works: a hands-on introduction to exposure and camera controls, using whatever cameras you bring to class (bring your camera manual too).  Have you ever been frustrated by photographs that are too dark, too bright or blurry?  The class will help you to understand why, and how to use your camera's controls to get what you intended.
  2. March 8 – How to Compose a Good Photograph: an examples-based class to help you “see” a good photograph before you press the shutter.  If you think about it, most of us take photographs to help us express-and-remember the emotions we felt on special occasions, or in inspiring places.  The class will help you to understand how to make (compose) photographs that are more inspiring and emotional.
  3. March 15 – Question & Answer/ Individual Help: Session #1 @ 9am: Point & Shoot Cameras. Session #2 @ 10:30am: Digital SLR Cameras.  This class will provide time for you to ask specific questions about your specific camera.  The class has two halves: (1) 9-10:30am for folks with Point & Shoot Cameras and (2) 10:30am - 12noon for folks with Digital SLRs (DSLRs) and/ or cameras with advanced controls such as advanced "mirrorless" cameras. Of course, you are welcome for the whole 9am-12noon class, if you choose.  Jerry is also willing to setup time outside of class if you need more help.  Remember to bring your camera manual to class also.
  4. March 22 – How to Digitally Enhance Your Photographs: an introduction to Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is an inexpensive and popular software package.  The class may also touch on Corel Paintshop Pro, as a competitive alternative.  This class is for everyone.  Most photographs can benefit from minor enhancements to contrast, brightness, color, etc.  The class will show you how to make these minor changes, and more advanced changes as well!
  5. March 29 – How to Process “Raw” Images: An introduction to using Adobe Lightroom to process “raw” images.  This class is for the serious enthusiast who wants the most from her images.  The class is a "Digital Darkroom" class that will cover the basic "workflow" needed to import, tag, develop and print raw images in LightRoom.

Jerry presented an exhibition of his work at the library in 2012, and taught the 2013 Digital Photography Class.  His work can be viewed online at Jerry Weimar Photography.

The New Woodstock Free Library is open Monday through Friday 1 to 5 p.m., Monday and Wednesday evenings 7 to 9 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 until 1.  The library is also open whenever the blue library symbol flag is flying out front.  Children’s hour is every Tuesday at 11 a.m. 

For more information about this and other programs and events at the library call 315-662-3134 or visit the library’s web page.


Thanks to all of you who left public and private comments re: the class. I really enjoyed having you in class this year and hope to see you all soon!
Al Fiero(non-registered)
The quality of the presentations, the instructions, content, equipment and venue, were truely outstanding - meeting my individual goals and making this very well-spent time for me. What I learned over the several 3 hour sessions is more than I obtained out of 2-3 books on digital photography (and certainly more than what I could get out of the manual). With what I've learned in these workshops I'm immediately taking better composed photos, more 'keepers' and I'm not just running around shooting from the hip.
Missy Oleniuk(non-registered)
My mom and I both missed out on the opportunity to be in Jerry's photography class last year and I'm very happy to be able to be in it this time around. We both wanted to take this class because we wanted to learn how to use some of the different functions of our Fuji cameras, and I especially wanted to learn how to improve my photography skills. I tend to take a lot of pictures from different perspectives, landscapes, and of scenes from different events or places that my family and I travel to and photography for me is a way to remember places that I've been to and the people I was with at the time. My laptop is filled with these photos; probably hundreds of thousands that I could improve on by retaking them or editing them. The class has been really helpful in this sense because as Jerry's explained a few times in the class, it takes just a few minutes to learn and a lifetime (or more) to master. I haven't been able to take many pictures lately, but I've been thinking about how important it is to think about what type of image you want to take a picture of or how you want a picture to look when you edit it. The class has also helped me to look at my photography in a different way by seeing where I inexplicably gave a photo a framing effect or seeing how the sun could impact the exposure and the lighting of an image I took. I would really like to learn more about using LightRoom for editing because I am thinking about investing in it to use for my photography.
Barbara Lavier(non-registered)
My original reason for participating in the photography classes was "just" to learn how to use my "point - n - shoot" digatal camera. I have taken away from my sessions a greater, more enthusiatic view of photography. Now, when I see something that catches my eye or sparks my interest, my first thought is - where is my camera?. I think how I want the photgraph to look, not just happily clicking away with no thought to the end view. Though I don't have a complete understanding of the fundamentals of photography. I have learned how to make and apply changes to the camera I have to enhance the qualithy of my future photographs, whether action, still or portraits, sunshine, cacandle light or changes in the weather. Jerry as an instructor is informative, enthusiastic, answers question in a manner a layperson can understand . I think in having a smaller number of participants has been helpful in more hands on instruction. You learned how your own camera worked and how other more advanced cameras could be used. I have enjoyed these clases and would recommend to any and all friends and family.
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